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Bootstrapped and Lean: One Feature at a Time

Tryna Grub is a mobile application. An exclusive social dining platform for hungry foodies to make spontaneous meal plans instantaneously. Simple. But, have you ever thought about how an app becomes an app? Don’t feel bad, because neither have I.

Building an app is like building a house. A house that can be deconstructed and reworked to utilize the “square feet” given in the most efficient way. Adding in new features occasionally requires removing a few of the previously laid bricks.

For this update or new version of the app. Our CTO and mathematical genius Daniel, had to refactor parts of the app. In other words, he had to remove some bricks to make way for the newer, better, updated bricks.

The way that the previous house or app was built, people could only sign-up to the app through Facebook. Doesn't seem that difficult? Everyone and their mother has a Facebook account. The issue comes into play when that small percentage of people who do not have a Facebook, or would rather not link their account to an application come knocking on the door to our house, trying to sign-up to Tryna Grub.

When confronted with this issue what must Daniel do? Rather than create an entire new house, he refactors the current house and introduces a side-door for potential new users. If the key to the front door is logging in with Facebook, then the key to the side-door is using your phone number.

With this new feature people will be able to gain access to the Tryna Grub platform with only their phone number. While the implementation of this new door may seem extremely simple through the likes of a blog post, it is anything but. When building an application, even the simplest of things such as creating a new door take a very long time to build and an even longer time to perfect.

Now the team is waiting for the Apple's ApPstore review to do their part. Each updated application must be submitted to Apple for approval. Apple has very specific set of specifications that the app and update must meet, unlike the Google Play Store. This process is rigorous, sometimes the house could seem perfect, but then the inspector discovers a faulty wire and you must fix the problem. The process is usually a fast one, but just because a house is built does not necessarily mean that it is ready to hit the market.  

The team hopes the approval will come within the next few hours and it will be ready to push prior to our Pre-Launch Party this Saturday at the Yavne Bar. Thank you all for your continued support and we hope to see you on Saturday!

TLDR: You can now signup with your phone instead of Facebook... enjoy 


(Originally Published by Jared Witt on July 16, 2017)

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