• Jered

Did you know we had a blog!?

It's okay we forgot too!

Just kidding, there is a long awaited post that is soon to be published regarding a serious facial-hair commitment and how it's connected to Tryna Grub.

In the meantime heres a short list-type update of recent milestones:

  1. New Partnerships.

  2. Rolling out the Ambassador Program in Canada.

  3. We won a mini pitch competition at the local Tel Aviv Startup Grind Event.

  4. We are a few weeks away from having Tryna Grub on the Google Play Store.

  5. We just pushed a major UI overhaul to Testflight (for beta testing) before releasing it on the App Store.

Super excited for you guys to get the new version!

Also, if you follow us on Instagram, you can see BTS footage of what it's like in a true lean and bootstrapped startup in 2017 (Posted to our story).


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