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Wrapping up the E.I.T. Food Tech Accelerator (Kinda MassChallenge) and more!

Don't mistake our radio silence for anything else besides being busy!

In May we were accepted to the EIT-FAN ( European Institute of Technology - Food Accelerator Network) which is in participation with both MassChallenge and the Technion University of Haifa!

Since then, we have been going to the Technion in Haifa twice a week for various sessions, mentoring, partnerships, improving our product, business model, and so much more!

Tomorrow is the final day and the big pitch... regardless of what happens next, its safe to say that for us, at Tryna Grub, the EIT accelerator has been a huge success!

Thanks to everyone in the global EIT team and especially to the local EIT Technion organizers, lectures, and mentors.

P.S. What do you think of our new website?

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