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The Pre-L(a)unch Party

This past Saturday, Tryna Grub hosted its first party at the new Yavne Bar and Restaurant (previously the Evita). The Tryna Grub Pre-Launch Hip Hop Day Party was a wild success and everyone had a great time. Led by CEO Jered, the Tryna Grub Team was busy handing out invite codes to party attendees so they could gain access to the new updated version of the app, allowing them directly into exclusive social dining platform.

The drinks were flowing, the food was coming in waves, people were sweating, and the good times were rolling. 

While the goal of the party was more fun than business oriented, the team still had to accomplish some work. The underlying goal of the party was to onboard a new wave of beta users that could test our newest features; Phone sign-up and friend management. 

Yavne played perfect host to our party. It has a beautiful patio that is tucked away about one hundred yards from all the hustle and bustle of infamous Rothschild street. The drinks were good, but the food was even better. Intern Jared tried the Sambusak and loved it, for the unfamiliar, Sambusak is an Israeli version of a calzone with a fried egg on top and crème fraise on the side. It was splendid.

This party also served as a learning experience for the team. Tel Aviv is in Israel. Israel is in the Middle East. The Middle East is a Desert. The desert is hot, very hot. So, having a party at 1 p.m. in the desert, during the hottest season of the year was a challenge. Luckily, Yavne kept everyone hydrated with their drink selection, shade, and good music. Overall it was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves. The Tryna Grub team is looking forward to the next party and our next visit to Yavne. 

Btw: Yavne is even more happening at night. We highly reccomend checking it out if your debating where to go.

You can follow Yavne on Instagram.

Address: Yavne Street 31, Tel Aviv, Israel

(Originally Published by Jared Witt on July 24, 2017)

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