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Tryna Grub's favorite Tel Aviv Cafes

If you haven't heard, Tryna Grub is an extremely bootstrapped Israeli startup. Quality coffee, strong wifi, and great workspaces are what makes the team's engine go. We have compiled a list of our favorite cafe's. The list spans cafes from all across the greater Tel-Aviv area. We hope you enjoy and that you can find your favorite new cafe or workspace.

Photo Cred: Jamie from @Everything_delish

1. Cafe Xoho

This cafe can and should boast itself as one of the premier breakfast cafes in all of Tel-Aviv. With an almost all female staff, Xoho is at the pinnacle of Feminism. The cafe is located on Gordon St in central Tel-Aviv. It blends the modern feel of traditional American coffee shop with the look, taste, and sound of an Israeli cafe. The menu is simple and does not cloud your thoughts with millions of options. The cafe offers only vegetarian and vegan options that are delicious even if you are a meat lover. The service is second to none and the staff is welcoming and polite. The Tryna Grub team’s favorite thing on the menu is the "Egg and Cheese" on an everything bagel with an addition of smoked salmon and sriracha sauce. Like most cafes in Tel Aviv, Xoho acts as an Ad-Hoc workspace for the hipster freelance community. The price is on the higher side, but you absolutely get what you pay for. Cafe Xoho is a stop that you have to make for breakfast. Note: Xoho closes before dinner and isn't open on Mondays. 

Price: $$$

Photo Cred: Sebastian @seba_ostrovsky

2. Cafelix (Shlomo Hamelekh 12)

If you love rich, flavorful, coffee and a price far less than a king’s ransom you must try Cafelix. Cafelix boasts one of the best coffees in all of Israel let alone Tel-Aviv. To say the very least, this is a true cafe. There are multiple Cafelix locations throughout the city, but this one (Shlomo Hamelekh 12) is the Tryna Grub team’s favorite. All of the cafes are small and very intimate. They all provide great places to study, work, or just to beat the Israeli heat. The staff is nice, welcoming, and treat every customer like a friend. An added bonus for travelers is that all of the employees speak english. The cafe is kosher as well and should be on the list of one of the cafes to stop at the next time you come to Israel. Note: they don't have a kitchen, but receive pastries and sandwiches daily, basically, go there for the coffee, not the food

Price: $$

Photo Cred: Tryna Grub Team @trynagrub

3. The Streets (King George)

There are few 24/7 cafes in Tel Aviv, and most of them belong to "The Streets" Franchise. The Streets has a full menu all day, with plenty of wholesome and quality meals, as well as coffee and beer. The healthy options are plentiful and there are a few vegan and gluten-free options on the menu. If you add things to your dish, it can get a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth the experience. It has a large patio to go along with a smaller inside seating area, complimented by an upstairs where more serious and prolonged work can take place. The place is very clean, the service is good, and the entire cafe has free wifi. The menu is not complicated, but has enough options so that everyone can find something they enjoy. Its nice to have a place thats always open, especially after a long night of work.

Price: $$$

Photo Cred: Tryna Grub Team @trynagrub

4. Bucke Cafe (Ahad Ha'am)

This Mediterranean cafe is the place to be. Some have gone so far as to call it the Israeli Cafe Xoho. The food is both delicious and affordable. The Tryna Grub team’s favorite happens to be the Bucke Platter. The platter features various types of Israeli salads and egg dishes. Bucke Cafe is is also vegetarian and vegan friendly. It is quiet, always busy, a great place to work, and get a tasty nibble of food. The service is great and the staff is friendly.

Note: closed on Shabbat.

Price: $$

Photo Cred: @safsal_ben_gurion

5. Safsal Ben Gurion

The hipster cafe is located in one of the original boulevard Kiosks in Tel Aviv. Aside from the great location, the food and coffee is absolutely scrumptious. There is no interior to cafe safsal, as “safsal” literally translates to bench, and that is exactly where customers drink their coffee. Besides for good coffee, they also prepare tasty sandwiches on the spot. Everything is affordable, making this place a great place to meet a friend for a quick caffeine infusion. 

Price: $

Photo Cred: @welikeyou_too

6. Cafe Habima

If you visit Tel-Aviv you will end up right outside of this cafe when you visit Habima. Cafe Habima, also known as "We Like You Too :)" is also operated out of an original Tel Aviv boulevard kiosk. The food is good, the coffee is great, and service is surprisingly outstanding (rare in Israel). Cafe HaBima offers up a phenomenally shaded outside eating area, benches (like Safsal), and grass area all covered by the trees of the boulevard. It is not too pricey and it is a great place to people-watch.

Note: don't forget to take a selfie next to the “we like you too” wall. 

Price: $

See you there!

(Originally Published by Jared Witt on July 9, 2017)

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